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Stand up, Hook up...

It all started last year. Periodically I have ideas pop into my head, and most of them die there. As my wife will tell you, I don't have a great memory, so there are most that never even stick. Sometimes there is one that sticks for longer than a day, so I'll look into it. Is anyone else doing it? Is it needed? Do I care enough about it to even research the resources? Etc. Another big chunk of possible ideas die there. Let's face it, there are some really talented people out there doing cool stuff, not everything you dream up is viable. If it makes it past this stage, I start getting excited. I'll socialize the idea, see if anyone I know gets a similar feeling about it. If they do, I then go into the most important part of my process. I sit on it.

Life is pretty hectic, there is a lot going on already. Full-time job, wife, kids, all the activities that come with them, it's pretty easy to lose a wild-hair when you have to find time to keep the house clean to spend time any time of value with your incredible spouse. But, alas, after I couldn't get this idea out of my head, I approached my wife and told her "I want to start a podcast". I already had imagined her face (she can hide absolutely zero reactions), and knew it would tell me that I'm crazy. To my relief it was only a shadow of "he's crazy" followed quickly by, "What is it going to be about?" The support I've received since has been nothing short of amazing.

Several months of research, planning, seeking council, and stumbling through early stages of execution have brought me to this point. I'm now ready to reveal what I have been working on. I really hope you like it, I know I sure have enjoyed making it.

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