S1E2: Combat Detective

Mike was a member of the LEP Program in Afghanistan. This program brought experienced investigators to assist and advise in the fight against insurgent groups in Iraq and Afghanistan after realizing they behaved more like organized crime groups than a true fighting force. His stories of time in the NYPD and supporting NATO and Afghan Military forces are incredible.

Mike Davios as a Policemen in NYPD's 42nd Precinct in South Bronx after a drug bust.

The officers of Able Company, 2-503d IN (Airborne) Officers and Mike in Jaghatu, Wardak Province. Mike worked closely with each of these guys as an adviser and interface with the Afghan National Police (ANA) who were co-located on the base.

A birthday lunch with Mike, his LEP partner, and their Afghan partners. These are the guys that Mike worked with to create a dependable information and source network for better intelligence networks.

Finally, the book referenced in the podcast is called Outside The Wire In Blue. You can purchase it at https://outsidethewireinblue.com/. You can also find out much more about the LEP program at that site.