S1E10: a mastermind prankster

I think we all have this type of person in our lives, you know, the creative person who is always birthing incredibly clever ideas out into the world at every stage of their life. For me, that guy is Mike Nemeth. I’ve known Mike since my first year at West Point, and he has been churning out hilarious, interesting, and inspiring projects since we met. Mike’s leadership and nerve through the pandemic have been exemplary, so much so that I needed to interview Mike to bottle some of it up for everyone. We talk about failing, struggling, picking up, adapting, and executing violently even in uncertainty.

As promised, two of Mike's recent Army-Navy pranks (pictures are linked). Discipline floated to the #45 Overall Bestseller on Amazon. The USS Monken press release was picked up by multiple sports outlets, including CBS Sports (the link is dead now).

I didn't ask Mike permission to use this (sorry, Mike), but pay particular attention to the description entry and activities. He got Centerstall in there, though it was officially unofficial at the time.

Something I truly appreciate about Mike is his commitment to the places which have made him who he is. He returned to Columbus, OH and is building his business there. He continues to give time and talent to West Point, including this contribution to CADET, a publication by USMA graduates.

I'm not sure I could find a more definitive picture of Mike. In 2018 Mike founded Emblem Athletic and the pandemic hit his business as hard as anyone's. The same spirit that drove his early creations has guided his company through this crazy time, continuing to adapt and evolve. (picture linked)

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