S1E13: like a leader

The subject of leadership is chock-full of “fresh ideas” which are just old lessons retold with a different spin and “experts” who have more anecdotes than a backwoods preacher. That is why it is refreshing when you find research-based concepts that challenge dusty, dogmatic beliefs in this 366 billion dollar industry. Charn McAllister joins to discuss the positive outcomes of likeability and why leaders committed to serving their subordinates must understand politics.

Charn epically looking into the distant sunset, ready to ride his air-horse beyond the horizon.

Charn is in the middle here, marking the occasion of a partner flight with Iraqi pilots.

Charn, Michelle, and baby Xander on their FSU graduation day.

Charn and his friend, Chris Caravello, on the Moab 240 course, somewhere around 60 miles (25%) in.

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