S1E2: Tanks Don't slalom

Imagine being jarred awake from a sleep you've waited far too long to get, only to find the 63-ton vehicle you're inside of is unexpectedly and uncontrollably careening down a hillside. That's the exact situation in which Ezra Maes and his tank crew found themselves in this incredible story told by Ezra himself. Listen to how this crew pulled each other through such a terrible event and how Ezra is excelling in the aftermath of this event.

Specialist (then Private) Maes in Columbus, GA, the city outside of Fort Benning, where soldiers attend Armor Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training.

Crew for life. The tank crew in the hospital with Specialist Maes after returning to the US.

Hospital Goofin'. Specialist Maes might not love this picture being featured, but it truly represents the spirit of this amazing person. Positive, humorous, bright spirit.

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Center for the Intrepid - The cutting edge for treatment and rehabilitation of amputation, burns, and functional limb loss of those injured and wounded in service. This is an incredible facility with a great mission and foundation.


Operation Atlantic Resolve - The 9 month rotation of US Army forces to train combat readiness, joint operations, and partner building.