S1E5: Unexpected Paths

When Ryan Miller found himself wounded by a triple IED attack in Southern Baghdad, he couldn't have predicted that he would end up being an advocate for one of the most critical movements in Veteran treatment in recent history. Listen to his awesome story of resilience, persistence, and unexpected outcomes.

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Here's Ryan in Kuwait, you might can tell by how clean the vehicle and his equipment are that he hasn't made it in country just yet.

When you hear about Ryan talk of his time just after the IED attack, this is it. His leg in a cage and going through many rounds of surgery for "limb salvage".


You hear Ryan reference Team Red, White, and Blue. This is a fantastic organization whose goal is to bring Veterans together as a community through one of the main tenants of our former lives, physical fitness. This provides fellowship through lower levels of hardship, building very important bonds. Check them out at www.teamrwb.com.

Featured Links

Duty Bound SXSW Panel - The US Department of Defense has the opportunity to save the lives of active duty and veteran service-members, advance medical research, and boost national defense by allowing cannabis research and allowing active-duty military use.



Warrior Rising - Warrior Rising empowers U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow American veterans, and earn their future. https://www.warriorrising.org/

Operation EVAC - Our mission is to support the growth and healing of veterans through mutual assistance, personal development, and community service. http://www.opevac.org/

Veterans Cannabis Project - Help us change the conversation about medical cannabis by applying to become a local advocate – or VCP Force Commander – in the fight for veterans’ cannabis access. Only through stories like yours will policymakers and the public understand the transformative, life-saving health treatment value of cannabis for veterans. 


Weed For Warriors - Weed For Warriors Project is a social justice lifestyle brand supporting holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education and compassion. WFWP urges change for the empowerment of the people.