S1E6: black patch leader

Clayton Hinchman is a natural born leader. We talk about the key ingredients that make him that, his story of losing his leg, and his path from a crater in Iraq to a thriving business career.

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Clay earned the coveted Honor Graduate at Ranger School, the only recognition given to graduates who achieve in the school. As you can see Leslie has been with him since the start of his career.

Clay and Leslie as he is receives the Purple Heart.

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An image that is completely Clay. 

Black Patch is the distillery Clay and his family opened in Huntsville, Alabama. Check them out if your are in town or at their link below!

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Black Patch Distilling - Clay's family-run distillery out of Hunstville, Alabama. Black Patch has a delicious collection of whiskeys, like the Bourbon and Rye, as well as a Blue Agave Tequila.They are distributed in Alabama and Texas, but you can order online and have it shipped to where you are. You can also request them through your distributor.