S1E7: Crawl, walk, fly

The stories of the people around us are many times the most captivating. Come listen to Bill Kemp, a two-tour Vietnam Veteran who got to see the country both on foot in the Infantry and from the air as a Helicopter Pilot. His stories are absolutely incredible.


Here's the picture that Bill was talking about being taken after he was picked up from being shot down by the NVA and had to hide in the rice paddy from the same gun that shot him down. He was back to flying later that day!

This is Bill flying a Huey in Vietnam.


A good, clean picture of Captain Kemp between flights.

This is a picture of Bill and 2LT Richard Pershing, grandson of John J. Pershing on the same 50-cal machine-gun position Pershing destroyed over 50 advancing enemy during a night attack on their company defensive position. Pershing would be killed later in his tour searching for a member of his unit who went missing in combat. See link to his memorial below.


Featured Links

2LT Richard Pershing's Memorial Site  - A website set up by Arlington Cemetery. He was buried next to his grandfather there.