S2E1: to close a chasm

The Civil-Military divide is something many people talk about, but not many have an answer of how to close it. The real answer probably isn't as sexy or easy as anyone would like. It's millions of  conversations between veterans and civilians that help relate the military experience and bring our society closer to the realities of their fighting force. Rob talks about how to find a middle ground with the people vets won't think will understand and how to start trying to share your stories in a way people will understand.

Rob on his OEF VIII deployment with 2-503, 173d Airborne.

Rob on a subsequent Afghanistan deployment.

Here's Rob in the middle at a UNC Football game with fellow veteran students.

Here's Rob in his current capacity as a Doctoral student at THE Ohio State University.

Featured Links

Using Grief to Bridge the Civilian-Military Divide  - Rob's VFW Magazine article which we discussed on the show.

Robert F. Williams  - Rob's Ohio State History Department Profile.