S2E2: Be Better, dude

The release of the Fort Hood Report is a significant event in the history of the US Army. The impacts of the findings are recommendations have not yet been realized, but that is not stopping Scott Stephens from taking proactive steps to build a culture capable of preventing Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment by shifting the narrative and focus of the real problem. Listen as we talk through how he is accomplishing this difficult work.

Scott with his third love (1st his wife, 2nd Tanks), tank rounds.

When Scott told me we'd share some war stories over beer, he was serious.

Here's Rob in the middle at a UNC Football game with fellow veteran students.

The brilliant Objectification Spectrum created by Scott.

Featured Links

Fort Hood Report  - The full (redacted) report by the Fort Hood Independent Review Committee.

Athena Thriving:  Combatting Gender Discrimination in the U.S. Army  - The Full Article on Athena Thriving.

Task & Purpose "Playbook" Article  - Where Scott describes his playbook to defeat the cancer of sexual assault in the ranks.

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Scott boat.jpg

When he's not somewhere else on the globe with the Army, Scott loves spending time on the boat with his family.