The show

The selection of this show's title is no accident. If you find yourself in the comfort of friends, and you hear this phrase, then you know your should buckle-in for what you are about to hear. I relate the phrase to the great stories I heard in my past in the Army, though I know it is not exclusive to the military. What I do know is that there is no better phrase to summarize what this show is about.

Storytelling holds power greater than most anything else. A great story can transport you to another place far across the globe. It can let you feel the way heat strikes from that particular latitude, smell the smoke of foreign trees burning, or experience the awkward confluence of two cultures meeting. To pull you in is the nature of a story. This podcast’s purpose is to reveal places you don't know and are not familiar while with, ultimately showing you lives and perspectives that are not your own. Expect to be challenged, to possibly breakthrough some of the walls surrounding your opinions, and to grow a little closer to the world around you.

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